ObjectRocket (powered by Rackspace)

ObjectRocket makes it easy to provision and manage MongoDB instances in the cloud. Customers can choose from a variety of plans to fit their workload – from one gigabyte to multi-terabyte scale.

With decades of experience building the systems that power some of the busiest sites on the web, ObjectRocket created a scalable, reliable, and easy to use database architecture, wrapped up in a uniquely designed infrastructure that can be seamlessly scaled on demand. The service is specifically designed and built to run MongoDB at high performance and reliability, and is delivered to you as a combination of technology and operational expertise that you can depend on. ObjectRocket's goal is to make sure you spend your time developing your application, not managing MongoDB.

In February 2013 ObjectRocket was acquired by Rackspace, a leader in the cloud computing space and a founder of OpenStack. Learn more at http://rackspace.com.