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Red Hat Takes On Oracle With NoSQL

Red Hat's (RHT) new deal with the sponsors of the MongoDB database sounds like simple accretion - the addition of another arrow in the product quiver - but it puts the company on a collision course with the toughest guys in tech, Oracle (ORCL).

An Interview with Max Schireson

Schireson, 41, enrolled at UC Berkeley at age 14. And it was there that the current president of 10gen, a Bay Area-based software company that develops large databases, began his tech career. The database he develops is called MongoDB.

Red Hat and 10Gen Expand Relationship In Big Data and NoSQL

10gen and Red Hat yesterday announced a major expansion of their previous relationship. The two companies are now going to make it much easier to use 10gen's MongoDB on Red Had operating systems and middleware solutions. Red Hat's Red Hat Enterprise Linux enterprise operating system, Red Hat’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) OpenShift and Red Hat JBoss Middleware Solutions will all work with Mongodb.

Red Hat and 10gen Partner to Power Development of Open Source Data Platforms

Two of the biggest names in the open source world announced a partnership yesterday. Red Hat, the North Carolina based provider of open source software for the enterprise and 10Gen, the New York based company behind the increasingly popular NoSQL database MongoDB, are partnering to help developers deliver on the promise of big data and the cloud.

DATAVERSITY Brings Big Data, NoSQL, and Security Together

On April 3, 2012, in a live, one hour webinar panel, DATAVERSITY brought together some of the top names to talk about Big Data, NoSQL, and Security in the Enterprise. Big Data with a NoSQL foundation layer is the hottest thing in data and business today. The flexibility, speed, and scalability of these new solutions turn heads and grabs headlines. However, to get beyond the pilot project phase most large organizations have security questions that simply must be answered. This special webinar panel event will bring together some of the industry’s top experts to address your most-pressing questions regarding Big Data, NoSQL, and Security.

'Ugly' MongoDB Defies NoSQL Death Rumour

Ever since an anonymous poster on HackerNews called the MongoDB baby "ugly", I've been watching to see if MongoDB's early rise would taper off and fall.

And let's be clear: MongoDB is doing very, very well, by pretty much any measure. In terms of general search interest, Hadoop is the volume leader but MongoDB isn't far behind, while NoSQL competitor CouchDB is well behind both.

How Wordnik Moved its Database to the Cloud

When running databases, how do you get the speed you want while offering the flexibility and cost savings of the cloud? At Structure:Data in New York City Thursday, Wordnik co-founder Tony Tam talked about how his company was able to move its relational database from dedicated hardware to the cloud.