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MongoDB is an open source datastore for web scale applications. The first users were developers who wanted a simple, easy to get started datastore. It was perfect for hackathons and such where the developer needed to get something up quickly. This post I read yesterday does a good job of explaining why MongoDB took off. These developers became a network of users and contributors to the open source project. Many of them worked in enterprises and brought MongoDB into their teams.

Open Source MongoDB Gets Richer Query Commands

In an effort to improve how MongoDB supplies its data to external applications, MongoDB keeper 10gen has extended the open source data store's query language, providing developers with more sophisticated ways to extract and transform data.

New MongoDB Release Steps up Speed, Replication

While big data tools like Hadoop are usually used in conjunction with existing relational database systems, 10gen is working towards a loftier goal: getting its NoSQL database MongoDB to replace instances of relational databases.

The latest release of MongoDB has hit the proverbial shelves today, and version 2.2 is bringing a lot of new features under the hood that are geared towards speeding up the performance of 10gen's database that's made a big mark on the big data scene.

NoSQL Pioneer MongoDB Doubles Down on the Data Center

MongoDB was created to help companies build databases that can span hundreds of servers in multiple data centers. But as the open source “NoSQL” database system caught on with developers, its sponsor company, 10gen, wound up focusing more on making life easier for programmers than trying to make data center operations staff happy.

Now, the company is trying to reverse that trend, starting with the release of MongoDB 2.2. With the new database — unveiled on Wednesday — it hopes to ratchet up the competition with an increasingly crowded market for NoSQL databases, which promise to reinvent the way we store online.

MongoDB Upgrade Fills NoSQL Analytics Void

10gen, the company behind the fast-growing MongoDB database, on Wednesday announced the general availability of a highly anticipated upgrade that promises easier analytic querying of a NoSQL database best known for speedy transactional performance.

The new release, MongoDB 2.2, is the production-ready result of a 2.1 developers' preview that has been beta tested by the MongoDB community since January. Key upgrades include a new real-time aggregation framework, new sharding and replication features for multi-data-center deployments, and improved performance and database concurrency for high-scale deployments.

Secrets of Venture Capitalists

There is no game with higher financial stakes than the one venture capitalists play every day... Flybridge's Bussgang, meanwhile, says he looks for someone who has a demonstrable ace up their sleeve... For example, one of the group's portfolio companies — 10Gen (which specializes in open source databases — was founded by the architect of DoubleClick's ad serving infrastructure.

White House Open Sources “We the People” Petition App

You can now download the source code for the White House’s “We The People” online petition application from GitHub and tweak it for your own use. The application uses Drupal, the open source content management system, MySQL, MongoDB and PHP, and the code is covered under the GNU General Public License.

Q&A with Steve Francia

The "beauty of MongoDB," says Francia, "is that it’s really easy to get started with it and when the need arises for more capacity it’s even easier to scale"

Unstoppable JBoss 'Mafia' Has Big Biz Tech in its Crosshairs

The JBoss team is leading the NoSQL pack, with Ben Sabrin (former vice president of Americas at JBoss) heading North American sales at 10gen, the company behind MongoDB. Of the various NoSQL projects, MongoDB has developed the biggest developer ecosystem, and is increasingly positioned as a third database standard in the enterprise, alongside Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

10gen to Hire 60 in New York and Palo Alto

Database start-up 10gen plans to hire 60 new employees by the end of 2012 after raising $42 million in new financing in May. The funding was led by New Enterprise Associates and included existing investors Sequoia Capital, Flybridge Capital Partners and Union Square Ventures...

The company plans to hire software engineers with experience in C++, Ruby, Java and C. There will also be openings in sales. The company currently has 160 employees split between New York, Palo Alto, Calif., and Europe.