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Want Free MongoDB Classes? EdX and 10gen are Happy to Oblige

10gen, the company behind the popular open-source database MongoDB, is joining the MOOC movement.

On Tuesday, the company is announcing that it is partnering with edX, the open-source online education initiative from Harvard and MIT, to offer massive open online courses (MOOCs) on how to use the MongoDB platform.

As part of the collaboration, edX, which uses MongoDB, will allow 10gen to access its source code and make improvements to it that can be used by other students.

10gen will Provide Online MongoDB Training

10gen, the company behind the NoSQL database MongoDB, has announced free-of-charge online training courses for the product starting in October. Teaching the first two announced courses in the 10gen Education programme are 10gen CEO and MongoDB lead developer, Dwight Merriman, 10gen's Director of Consulting Engineering, Richard Kreuter and the company's VP of Education, Andrew Erlichson.

MOOCs Shift From Curiousity to Employability

With huge investments and lots of fanfare massive open online courses (MOOC) are the higher ed topic of the year.

Today 10gen, the developer of MongoDB, the leading open source database company, announced today that they will offer two courses on the EdX platform.

MongoDB is a leading unstructured database with more than 150,000 downloads per month. Mongo is a hot skill set, usually #2 after generic HTML 5 jobs on recruiting boards.

Massive Online Learning: 10gen and MongoDB Teach the World

10gen, a provider of cloud services and consultancy for the MongoDB NoSQL database, is working on training courses that will be available to developers worldwide starting October.

The massively open online courses, or MOOCs, will be delivered under the 10gen Education Program, and individuals who want to sign up can already register on the company’s site.

Intelligence Agency Invests In Big Data Management

In-Q-Tel, the venture investment firm for U.S. intelligence agencies, is investing in 10gen, developer of the MongoDB open source database. MongoDB is a document-oriented, NoSQL database that "bridges the gap" between relational databases and key-value stores, according to 10gen. Its ability to store and query both structured and unstructured data with good performance at scale is what made MongoDB an attractive investment, said In-Q-Tel VP Robert Ames in a news release

Open Source in 2012: Bigger and Better Than Ever

This year's Best of Open Source Software awards includes a whopping 125 products in 7 categories. The real story is the technology leadership so many of these products display...Take the explosion in open source databases. You can't get much hotter than MongoDB, the document database from 10gen, which wins a Bossie for the second year in a row.

In-Q-Tel Stakes a Claim in MongoDB, Invests in 10gen

The world just can’t seem to get enough of MongoDB, the popular NoSQL database. The company is in such demand because its product, the open source MongoDB, is very popular with developers building applications that utilize a NoSQL database rather than, or in addition to, a traditional relational database such as MySQL.

MongoDB Update Highlights Analytics

10gen Inc.'s recent update of its popular NoSQL database, MongoDB, improves analytics and boosts performance, the company said.

MongoDB Version 2.2 features an aggregation framework that "provides the foundation for real-time analytics," the company said. Other reported improvements include location-aware services for multi-datacenter scenarios, better concurrency and more than 600 other enhancements.

How 10gen Is Pulling Engineers from Wall Street to Become an Anchor of NYC Tech

No one’s ever accused New York City of being soft. But New York tech, on the other hand, has gotten that rep. All too often, the city’s startups have been built on the shoulders of technology developed on the West Coast...

10gen is the developer of open source database system MongoDB, and is often held up as a counter-example to criticisms that New York startups are a bunch of design-heavy consumer Internet apps. It’s basically the only pure tech startup in the city.

MongoDB 2.2 Bids To Become The "Developer's Database"

The MongoDB document-oriented NoSQL database has reached version 2.2, with a set of new enhancements including an advanced aggregation framework and new multi-datacenter deployment features.

Bidding hard to try and become the application developer's database of choice, MongoDB maker 10gen emphasizes the real-time analytics and reporting functions of the aggregation framework and the multi-datacenter flexibility as key benefits for developing at scale.