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10gen Eyes Disruption of the Relational Database

The relational database has been the predominant method for organising business information for decades. The ubiquity of the database model is testament to its utility, but it is not without its flaws.

According to Max Schireson, CEO of 10gen – one of a wave of companies plotting to disrupt the dominance of the relational database – flexibility is the relational model’s Achilles heel.

Twelve Disaster Scenarios Which Could Damage the Technology Industry

Many people believe that 2012 represents the end of the world due to some quirk of the ancient Mayan calendar. I'm not so sure about that. But I do know the end of the year is approaching, so it seems like a good time to ponder the future and consider what might constitute the demise of the tech world as we know it. A number of scenarios could play out and seriously damage the technology industry and all the people who depend on it. With that happy thought in mind, let's review some possibilities for 2012 and beyond.

Disaster scenario No. 5: Oracle buys MongoDB; IBM buys Couchbase

While MongoDB isn't the only document database in town, it's certainly the best-funded and most widely deployed.

A Pass To A PHP PaaS

Red Hat has expanded its OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) ecosystem with a PHP-flavored enhancement by collaborating with Zend...Developers will get data and bytecode caching and the ability to use job queue capabilities to speed up core application processes. OpenShift is also said to make it simple to plug in additional software cartridges like MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL to work with developers' PHP applications.

10gen Projects Growth For MongoDB

10gen president Max Schireson sat downwith SiliconAngle founder John Furrier on theCube at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 to talk about MongoDB. MongoDB is an open source database system developed by 10gen. Max Schireson notes that the company has had rapid growth and progress recently.

MongoDB to Offer Free Online Courses via Edx

EdX is proud to announce that it will be adding yet more courses to its database by partnering with a popular online giant; a company called 10gen who will work through a database platform called MongoDB. 10gen, a company that specializes in software development has stated that it will be making use of MongoDB in order to begin offering two online courses through edX; something which has many prospective students very excited.

The new classes which are being offered by 10gen will be added to the growing collection of courses from MITx, Harvardx and most recently Berkeleyx, and so the business is certainly in esteemed company. While these institutions are offering their classes through the main edX platform 10gen will actually be offering their courses via edX on the platform MongoDB; they can be accessed via 10gen’s site instead of through the usual edX site.

THE DIGITAL 100: The World's Most Valuable Private Tech Companies

In the past two months, we have evaluated hundreds of private tech companies and ranked the top 100 by value. Our rankings are based on several metrics, including revenue, users, market opportunities, growth rates, and the perception of investors and tech gurus

  43. 10gen

Analysis: The Inexorable Rise of NoSQL

For processing and querying data sets that are characterised by huge volumes and enormous variability (a.k.a. big data), employing NoSQL on clusters of cheap servers for high-powered analytics becomes an increasingly attractive alternative to a large SQL appliance, especially when it is used in conjunction with MapReduce technology to crunch the data: NoSQL databases are generally distributed pre-integrated with Hadoop, or at least with built-in support.

MongoDB Courses to be Offered via EdX

Software company 10gen, developer of the popular MongoDB database platform, announced last week that it will be offering two free online courses on MongoDB, using the edX platform. Academic classes from HarvardX, MITx, and BerkeleyX are offered on the main edX website. 10gen’s classes, although using the edX platform, will be offered on 10gen’s website and not on the main edX website.EdX officials have characterized the software as an open platform that can be used by other groups to offer courses of their own.

SumAll Announces Data Analysis Tool Powered by MongoDB

SumAll just announced a data analysis tool allowing customers to place a monetary value on their website traffic. By closing the loop, and linking traffic and transactional data, customers are able to value a site visit and the revenue of a minute spent browsing. The big data research firm has created a multi-stage custom data-acquisition and data-processing engine based on Complex Event Processing principles with MongoDB backing the final reporting API.

Red Hat Announces Hibernate-MongoDB Integration

The company has partnered with 10gen, which maintains the MongoDB NoSQL database, to develop a simple, standardized way for JBoss users to have their programs access NoSQL data stores. Specifically they are working on a graft for the Hibernate framework, which for many programmers has become "the de facto data access framework for Java," said Steve Yi, director of planning and strategy at Red Hat middleware.