Business Intelligence - NoSQL... No Problem

Business intelligence (BI) is traditionally associated with the relational database and SQL, but the emergence of big data demands that we expand our perspective. Dr. Barry Devlin, one of the worldwide authorities on data warehousing, dives into modern requirements for BI and looks at where NoSQL and MongoDB fit into this ecosystem.

This whitepaper examines how MongoDB is commonly applied to BI and provides examples of NoSQL's ability to help organizations extract value from big data.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • The impact of big data in changing the business intelligence landscape
  • How MongoDB provides O2 (UK's 2nd largest mobile operator) with real-time analytics across highly variable location and e-commerce data
  • Why Traackr selected MongoDB to stream and analyze high velocity social feeds to uncover influencer maps and improve marketing insights for its customers

Leading organizations relying on MongoDB:

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