Webinar: From Relational Databases to MongoDB - What You Need to Know

Thursday October 17th 11:00am PDT / 2:00pm EDT / 6:00pm UTC

Relational databases weren't designed to cope with the scale and agility challenges that face modern applications. MongoDB can offer scalability, performance and ease of use - but proper design will be a critical factor to that success. We'll take a dive into how MongoDB works to better understand what non-relational design is, why we might use it and what advantages it gives us. We'll develop schema designs from examples, and consider strategies for scaling out.

Bryan Reinero: About the speaker

Bryan is currently a Consulting Engineer at MongoDB developing the Java Driver for MongoDB. He has also worked as a Software Engineering Manager at Valueclick, leading the design and development of large-scale online marketing applications for advertising, retargeting, real-time bidding and campaign optimization. Before that, Bryan developed data analysis and signal processing software at NASA Ames Research Center.

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