Deploying MongoDB on AWS using CloudFormation

Deploying MongoDB on AWS using CloudFormation

Wednesday April 25th 5:00pm UTC

CloudFormation gives developers and system administrators an easy way to describe and provision collections of AWS resources. In this webinar, we'll show you how to use Cloud Formation to create templates for your own deployments including coordination of multi-node clusters and RAID10 enabled EBS volumes. We'll share some example code, best practices for MongoDB on AWS, and walk you through the process of creating your own templates.

For more information about running MongoDB on AWS please review our docs

Sandeep Parikh: About the speaker

Sandeep is a Solutions Architect for MongoDB where he helps customers learn about MongoDB, trains development teams and consults on MongoDB projects. Before joining MongoDB, Sandeep wrote code for Ravel where he developed a large scale graph processing framework on top of Hadoop. His background is in software engineering and he has developed systems for social network analysis, natural language sentiment and text similarity. He lives in Austin, TX where he helps run the Austin NoSQL meetup group and sometimes rides his bike.

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