Building Your First MongoDB Application

Building Your First MongoDB Application

Thursday March 15th 5:00pm UTC

Thursday March 15th 3:00pm UTC

This talk will introduce the features of MongoDB by walking through how one can building a simple location-based checkin application using MongoDB. The talk will cover the basics of MongoDB's document model, query language, map-reduce framework and deployment architecture.

Kevin Hanson: About the speaker

Kevin Hanson is a Solutions Architect, working to help make MongoDB customers successful. Prior to MongoDB, Kevin worked at MarkLogic as a Senior Consultant for four years. No stranger to document databases, Kevin brings expertise in the database and search engine fields. He graduated from UC San Diego in Electrical Engineering, and he's a big sports fan - go Raider Nation and go Lakers! In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, snowboarding, boating, and playing with the latest and greatest gadgets.

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