An Evening with MongoDB Stockholm

An Evening with MongoDB Stockholm

June 12th

An Evening with MongoDB Stockholm is a free evening event in Stockholm, dedicated to the open source, document database MongoDB. An Evening with MongoDB Stockholm is an opportunity to explore MongoDB and its use cases.


  • Walk away with immediately applicable skills
  • Learn new techniques for scaling your infrastructure
  • Network with fellow technologists in your local community and MongoDB engineers
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7:00pm - 7:30pm

Welcome, Networking, and Food Served

7:30pm - 8:15pm

What's new in 2.6

Henrik IngoDB, Solution Architect , MongoDB

MongoDB 2.6 is our biggest release ever. A completely new query planner sets the playing field for better optimizations, starting with index intersection in this release. A lot of work has also gone into non-functional and operational features such as security, backups and automation (in beta).

8:15pm - 9:00pm

MongoDB Warstories

Allan Ebdrup, Team lead, E-conomic

NoSQL has become a part of everyday IT landscape in many places.MongoDB is the most popular variant. In this talk I will give a basic introduction to the timetable like NoSQL database MongoDB and how e-conomic using it. We have run MongoDB as the primary data store on our application for over 2 years and I have used it on my own project for 3 years. I will tell very specific about how we use MongoDB in implementations of our REST API that speaks JSON.Among other details: - Introduction to MongoDBDifferences relative to a relational databaseData modeling - rules of thumbSecurity - how do we avoid JSON injectionMulti Tenancy (Each user has his own data that only she / he can see)Patching - how we change the data model while the system is running without any downtimeWhy we had two hours of neddetid?