Technical Services Engineer, Systems/Networks

Austin, TX

MongoDB is changing the way people think about databases. Along the way, there’s going to be a few questions, and as people adapt to this new way of thinking, there are going to be some interesting problems to solve. Since no application lives in isolation, we have to tailor each solution to the individual needs of each situation. Our customers work in a wide array of environments, and with a wide array of technologies:

  • Social Media, Financial Services, Media and Entertainment, Telecomm
  • Experimental research and development to mission critical production
  • Early stage startups to established Fortune 500
  • 100’s of MB to 100’s TB of data
  • Single machine to globally distributed clusters.
  • Java, C/C++, C#, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Scala, Perl
  • Linux (RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, AMI, more), MS Windows, Solaris, OS X
  • EC2, VMWare, and most other cloud and virtualization systems
  • NAS, SAN, RAID, LVM, along with just SSD and HDD
  • Batch processing to Real Time Analysis

We are looking for people who can help our customers succeed in integrating MongoDB into their applications. Following are a few of the things that our TSEs assist with:

  • Application and/or schema design
  • Establishing production Best Practices
  • Outage resolution
  • Deployment of globally distributed systems
  • Troubleshoot anomalous behavior.
  • Orientation on how MongoDB works, and how to leverage it.
  • Configuration of software, network, and operating system.
  • Performance tuning.

In addition, TSEs are often found building tools for both internal and external use, to assist in all of these efforts.
Work Environment

  • Part of a global rotation: No calls at 2am.
  • Web and Phone based. Minimal travel required.
  • Ability to work remotely on a limited basis
  • Flexible work hours
  • Energetic, dedicated co-workers, with backgrounds as diverse as our customers.


  • Ability to diagnose and resolve technical issues in a wide variety of environments
  • Ability to communicate complex concepts clearly and professionally
  • Working familiarity with many of the concepts mentioned above
  • Detailed knowledge of a few of the concepts
  • A desire to never stop learning