Our co-founder still writes code

MongoDB co-founder, Dwight Merriman, coding on MongoDB

MongoDB was founded by technologists, for technologists. Our founders, Dwight Merriman and Eliot Horowitz, created MongoDB to solve the new problems facing companies today. Their vision -- tools for developers, written by developers -- is still in our bones.

All engineers at MongoDB are involved in every aspect of the technology, from writing code, to supporting customers, to taking part in the community. Our users provide us with immediate and constant feedback (both good and bad!), as the code that MongoDB engineers write is put into production. No one writes code in a vacuum at MongoDB; we all fail or succeed alongside our customers and community members.

Of course, not everyone at MongoDB codes, but the hacker mentality -- of doing more with what you have, and creating new tools when nothing that exists fits the bill -- is present in each of us. Our marketing team bootstraps dozens of MongoDB conferences around the world. Our sales team steps in and helps troubleshoot support cases. Every day we all try to do more and do better.

Community Oriented

MongoDB grew out of real needs facing developers building the next generation of applications. Our users drive our roadmap, through feature requests and bug reports. Our mailing list is active, and everyone at MongoDB fields questions from our users.

In addition to helping our users building fantastic apps, we love participating in the broader open source community. We work on community open source projects (beyond the core MongoDB project) as part of our day-to-day activities. We all benefit from the interaction with and feedback from the community. To encourage that exchange, we sponsor and support free meetups around the world.

We have fun together, too

Meet the MongoDB team and swap database war stories at a MongoDB Day after-party.
We don't encourage all our employees to take their work home with them so literally.

Like MongoDB, our team is distributed: we live and work in New York City, Silicon Valley, Atlanta, London, and Dublin, and get together twice a year for a fun, all-company retreat. Our last meeting included a scavenger hunt throughout New York City, dinner and drinks at a great local restaurant, and lots of conversation about open source software.

We’re an open source company, and that means we value openness and transparency with our staff. Whether it’s at an all-company meeting, one of our weekly team lunches, or over beers after one of our conferences, we’re constantly sharing our work, play, and all the things between.

We strive to build something amazing, to work on hard, interesting problems, and to surround ourselves with bright people. Our work is challenging, but that’s what makes it fun.

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