Brand Resources

Download key MongoDB brand resources below. All files below are downloadable as a single .zip file. Click here to download.

The files on this page are provided based on the understanding that they are the sole property of MongoDB, Inc. and should in no way be redistributed or used for financial gain. Please use discretion, and if a question regarding usage arises, do not hesitate to contact us.

MongoDB Logo

Standard Logo - White

Standard Logo - Color

Alternate Logo - White

Alternate Logo - Brown

Basic Usage Guidelines

  • Do not rotate the MongoDB logo.
  • Do not change the color of the MongoDB logo.
  • Do not distort the MongoDB logo - be sure to scale proportionately.
  • Allow an appropriate amount of white space around the MongoDB logo, at least as much as the x-height of the logo (suggested).
  • Preferred minimum size for the MongoDB logo is 100px wide. For smaller sizes, you must seek permission from the MongoDB marketing team.

"Powered by MongoDB" Icons

Add a "Powered by MongoDB" badge to your site! Right click on an icon to save it to your hard drive.

MongoDB Backgrounds

Really passionate about MongoDB? Spread the word by using one of our wallpapers!

MongoDB Logo

MongoDB Leaf Spiral

MongoDB Leaf on Wood