The NYC Monthly Music Hackathon, Sponsored by MongoDB

On October 26th, 2013, the NYC Monthly Music Hackathon took over a floor of the Woolworth Building to make spooky Halloween inventions.

The challenge of the Haunted Hackathon was to make immersive audiovisual installations that could be experienced either as a Halloween haunted house or an art gallery. As you exited the elevator, you encountered a vibrating pile of amplified halloween noisemaking toys, systematic multichannel sound patterns swirling around a reverberant rotunda, a business meeting of disembodied jack-o-lantern heads with speakers for mouths, sounds of a trapped man emanating from a closet, a scene in an office moments after a suicide in the 1920's, a glowing turntable driving a pulsating handmade analog synthesizer, a shakuhachi flute driven by the electrical activity of the performer's heart, and a walk down a long, dark, foggy hallway into swelling sound effects, an ever brighter light, and a floating hologram of a door.

MongoDB, Inc., is a loyal sponsor of the NYC Monthly Music Hackathon. It embodies the same spirit of generosity and innovation we strive to achieve.

(Photos by A. Jesse Jiryu Davis.)

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